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Winnie was also there, but inside buying badges.

At the Morris Federation Day of Dance in Bath, 2015


Red Cuthbert Morris began in Bedford in 2012, by a group of friends who love Morris, particularly keeping the old traditions alive while adding something new. We perform a mixture of traditional Border and Cotswold dances as well as our own dances.Affiliated to the Morris Federation, we are open to people of all genders.

Our name comes from the hall we practise in  – St Cuthbert’s Hall ( as well as the colour of our shirts!)

We are a growing side, so if you fancy trying morris dancing out for yourself
contact us via and come along to a practice.

For more up to date info, visit


Giving out cakes at BedDoD 2017



Squire is the traditional term for the person in charge of a Morris side. Julie became our Squire in October 2016. She’s in charge of organising our dance outs, responding to enquiries and generally keeping us all in line.



ForemanSolly is a dancer, recorderist and has her own dedicated drinking shirt

The foreman’s job is to run practices and teach us the dances. Solly is a true student of Morris and has an ever-growing collection of books, leaflets and sources to help us learn what we’re supposed to be aiming for.