Brewpoint dance-out!

Our first performance of morris dancing in Bedford since lockdown, and the new brewery tap’s first ever morris dancing, so here’s a quick update!

A week ago, on Sunday 12 September 2021, Red Cuthbert danced out in public for the first time since “Caper Day” on 29 February 2020 when we crammed into the Welly (see our 2020 roundup). We had a great time, and the staff and customers seemed to enjoy it too. We even got some punters to join in for our final dance of the day, “Dilywn” and managed to get a video of it:

As well as Dilwyn, dances we performed included the Pershore Hankie Dance (a traditional dance from, you guessed it, Pershore!), Drowsy Maggie (one of Red Cuthbert’s own dances) and Waiting for the Vaccine, a Border Jig written recently for the Morris Federation.

To our surprise and delight, Asan turned up as well and took a lot of great photos, so rather than fill our server space up with more here’s where you can find them:

We also gave our new recruitment flyers their first outing, and they seemed well received – two of the people who got up to do Dilwyn with us came to practice on Thursday so we must have got something right! If you might be interested too, details are below. More morris dancers to be, and musicians, are always welcome – details below!

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